Time is precious…

Every second could be a new opportunity. So don’t waste your time on Excel
and looking at charts all day!
Bitlacks tracks your investments in real time.

Did Someone Say

Get started in seconds and don’t expect anything manual to be done, our software is completely automated.
No need to set your balances or entry rates. Let our software do the Magic.

01. Set it up in seconds…

Installing the software is quick and straightforward.
If you know how to copy an API key and paste it then you’ve got all the skills and knowledge to
use our software.

02. Connect your Bittrex

Generate an API key from your Bittrex account with “Read info”
and “Trade limit” permissions.

03. You’re all set.

You can now watch the profit or loss for every balance on your account. Easily find markets on which
both ask and bid rates are constantly rising or falling.
View any Bittrex chart with a single click and place your buy or sell orders directly from the app.